We are thrilled about this exclusive partnership we have with Wework Euljiro Seoul. If you happen to be a Prestigious Member and travelling with us in Seoul, you can get a privileged access to this worldwide famous co-working space. Whether you need an urgent Wifi access or to print a document or to deal with a work emergency you can pop in Wework Euljiro. 

Address Details:
343, Samil-Daero,
Very practical in case you need a place to chill with free wifi.
Charme d'Orient, Paris

Located on the Boulevard du Temple, in the Marais district and not far from the Place de la République, this address is a 1001 nights inspired place to take care of your body and soul, with ancestral oriental products and cares. This place is unique because it’s a fusion of a cosy shop with the sparkling energy of an urban spa and a magical out-of-time well-being space.

Address Details:
Charme d'Orient
18, boulevard du Temple
+33 (0)1 53 17 02 53
This is the perfect Oriental beauty and spa spot in Paris, right in the Marais !
IOMA Paris

Ioma is the number 1 personalized skincare brand. This French brand is famous for its technological innovations: their unique personalized diagnosis, a personalized treatment MA CREME (a special personal formula among 40257 formulas) and its major IOMA In.Lab, an innovative mini-laboratory that conditions MA CREME in less than a minute!

For the following months, each time you stay in one of our Parisian apartments you will be offered a travel skin-care gift as well as an exclusive invitation to the Ioma Boutique. Thanks to this invitation you will get your own special personalized skin diagnosis and a special discount on all products and skincare cabin treatments.

Address Details:
77, Boulevard Saint-Germain
+33 1 42 25 18 08
The kit I was given during my stay in Paris was amazing and I had a special discount with the Prestigious code in the lovely shop !